Spring 2022


Our paper on the electronic structure of InAs and InSb surfaces, published in Advanced Quantum Technologies has been selected for the Surfaces and Interfaces Hot Topic. See also the press release from our collaborators at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland.

Congratulations to Siyu Gao on passing his research progress evaluation (RPE) exam!


Congratulations to JT Wu on receiving an honorable mention for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)!


Congratulations to Alfred Liu on graduating and starting a new job as a Data Scientist at Blizzard Entertainment!


Congratulations to Saeed Moayedpour on receiving the Spring 2022 Edwin N. Lassettre Graduate Travel Award to attend the APS March Meeting!


Congratulations to Derek Dardzinski on receiving the Neil and Jo Bushnell Fellowship in Engineering!


Congratulations to Maituo Yu on passing his thesis overview exam!


Congratulations to Manny Bier on graduating and starting a new job at Schrodinger Inc.!


This Spring catch Noa at the MolSSI Workshop “Molecular Chemistry Meets Materials Science” (virtual)