Open Positions

Open positions for Ph.D. students are expected in Fall 2021. Admitted students from MSE, Physics, and Chemistry may contact Prof. Marom for more information.

The application deadline for the MSE PhD program is December 15 2021 for Fall 2022. It is also possible to join the group through the Chemistry PhD program and the Physics PhD program. Note that for all three programs admission decisions are made by a departmental committee, not by individual professors, and admitted students are not preassigned to advisors. Admitted students interested in computational research may join any of the computational groups in the department (including affiliated groups from other departments) upon their arrival at CMU.

There are open positions for research-based M.S. students. Admitted students interested in pursuing research in computational materials science may contact Prof. Marom. Others may apply to the MSE Master of Science program. The deadline for Fall 2022 is January 15, 2022.

Short term research projects for physics students: First year PhD students in the Department of Physics who wish to pursue computational research to fulfill the short term research requirement may contact Prof. Marom. A two-semester commitment is requested.

There are currently no open positions for undergraduate students. There may be open positions starting in Summer 2022. Interested students should email Prof. Marom in Spring 2022 with their transcript, resume, and a statement of purpose explaining their interest in pursuing research in computational materials science in relation to their past experience and future goals. Students interested in summer research are advised to apply for SURF or SURA.

There are currently no open postdoc positions.

Note: Prof. Marom will not respond to inquiries if there are no open positions in your category.