Fall 2021

Noa, Rob, Jack, Isla, and their cats Romeo and Alani welcome baby Ilana to the family

Welcome new PhD student Jiatian (JT) Wu and new MS students Jiashuo Wang, Wenda Deng, Kaiji Zhao, Yi Yang, and Kehan Tang!


Noa was awarded the CMU College of Engineering Dean’s Early Career Fellowship


Our DOE QIS center “Integrated Materials Platforms for Topological Quantum Computing Systems“, led by Vlad Pribiag (Minnesota) with co-PIs Paul Crowell (Minnesota), Sergey Frolov (U. Pitt), Chris Palmstrøm (UCSB) and Noa has been renewed for three additional awesome years!


Our paper “Crystal Structure Prediction of Energetic Materials and a Twisted Arene with Genarris and GAtor” has been selected the CrystEngComm quarterly HOT article collection, featuring the top 10% of articles published in the journal each quarter.


Romeo rises to internet stardom on r/StartledCats


And the oddly shaped tomato award goes to…