Summer 2020

Noa and co-PIs Volker Blum (Duke University) and Patrick Rinke (Aalto University, Finland) have been selected for a 2020-2021 Advanced Scientific Computing Research Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC) Award for the project “Many-Body Perturbation Theory Meets Machine Learning to Discover Materials for Organic Photovoltaics”


Welcome new undergraduate assistant Vincent Chang!


Congratulations to Andrea Hwang on receiving the Tau Beta Pi Scholarship for 2020-21!


Noa’s ML4Science Seminar is available on YouTube


We have release a new code, Ogre, for constructing molecular crystal surface slab models. Ogre can be used for surface energy calculations and for crystal shape prediction.

Welcome new PhD student Derek Dardzinski!


Welcome PIRE and QIS summer students: Jane Chen (CNRS Grenoble), Amrita Purkayastha (University of Pittsburgh), Brett Heischmidt (University of Minnesota), James Etheridge (University of Minnesota), Jason Dong (UC Santa Barbara), and Connor Dempsey (UC Santa Barbara)!


Congratulations to Maituo Yu on passing the research progress evaluation (RPE) exam!


Congratulations to Shuyang Yang on passing the overview exam!


Congratulations to Tim Rose on passing his thesis defense!